Stinky shoes is something that happens to everyone, and can be embarrassing and quite annoying! 4.Stick em in the freezer- The freezer’s cold temperature will kill odor causing bacteria!
5.Grab a dryer sheet- Sticking a dryer sheet into each shoe is a great way to keep that musty smell away.
Often an awful smell comes from the refrigerator!Bad odors in a refrigerator are often caused by electrical failure or an accidental unplugging. As a stinky fridge is not a good place to store food people often look for ways to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Getting rid of bad odors in a refrigerator can be a nightmare but it is not an impossible task. Ensure maximum circulation: To eliminate bad odors you also need to make sure that there is enough cold air circulating all over the refrigerator. Store food properly: One of the main culprits behind bad refrigerator odors is improper storage of food items.
Baking soda: To get rid of bad odor coming from your refrigerator, you can use baking soda. Vanilla: You can also clean the refrigerator with vanilla extract in order to get rid of the bad odor.

Orange: Once the source of the odor is located, you can use some oranges to eliminate the lingering odor. To prevent bad odor, try to check your refrigerator once in a week and then remove all the expired food items. In case you need to switch off the refrigerator for a period of time, then you need to clean it thoroughly and remove all food and keep the door slightly open.
According, to statistics, the issue using the shoe odor of footwear are about 20% of grown ups.
Grab your Essential Oils- Essential Oils are good for SO many things, including cutting down the stink factor of your favorite pair of tennis shoes.
Use Newspaper- Another great way to get rid of odors in shoes is wadding up some newspaper and stuffing it in your shoes, it helps soak up any left over sweat from your feet. Before knowing what has happened to your clean and fresh refrigerator, it can turn into a smelling fridge with horrifying odors. It is very essential to clean the drip tray from time to time as it contains dirty water from which may be the reason behind bad odor coming from your refrigerator.
This is essential as bad odors can condense and mix with the ice already found inside the refrigerator. Adequate airflow will help to preserve food items for longer period of time and to some extent it will solve the problem of bad odor.

All you need is 6-8 drops of your favorite smelling essential oil on a cotton ball to place into your shoes.
For the odor to get out completely you need to keep the door of the refrigerator closed for several hours.
Set the temperature of the refrigerator to minimum and keep the door of the refrigerator closed for three days. Most essential oils have antibacterial properties which is great for getting rid of those smells. In the mean time wipe the walls and floor properly and do not forget to clean the inside of the drawers.
So the food, that being all types of meat, fish, chicken…you name it, was left to mother nature to do what she does best and decompose the leftovers over approx.

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