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The Smart Insole™ consists of Electro-Pulse micro medical devices that are embedded in comfortable heel gel inserts.  These dynamic gel inserts offer a combination of the Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy and comfort with every step. The Smart Insole™ was developed to treat heel pain at the source to provide long-lasting relief and accelerate recovery.  Blood flow in the body is regulated by electrical signals that travel along nerves.
Award Winning TechnologyIn 2009, BioElectronics was a proud runner-up for the prestigious Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards.

The Smart Insole™ modifies these nerve signals, providing pain relief by enhancing blood flow which reduces inflammation and restores the injured tissue to a healthy state.  Visit the Technology Page to learn more about how Smart Insole™ works.
In 2013, our ActiPatch® Product was cited for “Most Innovative New OTC Product” runner up award from the OTC Bulletin, a leading UK-based Healthcare Marketing Publication.

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