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Because they are warts on the feet People who walk barefoot in public locker rooms, showers and around public pools are at risk for exposing themselves to the virus that causes plantar warts.
If an individual has a weakened immune system due to poor nutrition or an underlying condition, warts can quickly grow out of control and medical or surgical intervention may be required. Another solution you can try at home is an over the counter wart removal solution like Amoils Plantar Wart Removal Cream – Click Here to Visit Amoils .
If the home plantar wart treatments are not working, then it is time to see a doctor for plantar warts removal.
When plantar warts are resistant to conventional treatments, the doctor may have to use immunotherapy to stimulate the immune system.
They are called plantar warts because the bottom of the foot is known as the plantar surface of the foot.

Sometimes warts are resistant to over the counter treatment, or they are so painful it is impossible to wait for these methods to work.
Once the immune system is stimulated, it can develop antibodies and destroy the virus that causes warts.
The simple act of walking or standing can produce pain when pressure is applied to these types of warts. Teenagers have not been exposed to the virus that causes warts long enough to develop a natural immunity.
There are also a number of natural ingredient wart removal creams that claim to remove plantar warts. In some cases, the doctor may decide to use an electric current to destroy the wart and then cut it out with a sharp instrument.
Both are less aggressive than burning, cutting, slicing and dicing though!Planter's warts are definitely nasty and painful!

Repeat this process until the warts are no longer visible – this can take several weeks or months to work.
I gave up on it and just learned to live with it (hes my little friend, the kind that dose'nt know when to leave). An individual may choose to try over the counter wart medications that contain salicylic acid.

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