Having flat feet means your foot does not have an arch at all or is lower that it should be, with the entire sole coming into almost complete contact with the ground. A medical study shows that a painless flat foot does not hinder your ability to walk and run for long duration.
This exercise will also help prevent other various feet problems and will help improve balance in older people, thus preventing falls in the elderly.
Ok, so Seb doesn’t really stand like this, but watching his mother do this for years taught him that humans stand with their feet turned out.
However, recent studies show that having flat feet may lead to serious problems if left untreated like dislocated bones or broken bones that can protrude through the skin.

When these are heavily stressed, they become swollen and bone structures may change because of weight and gravity, which can eventually lead to flat foot.
Common treatments include orthoses (ankle braces, or shoe inserts for arch support) and surgery to reshape the feet. If your job or work requires being on feet a lot, try to alternate standing or walking with sitting.
Usually, we only see our feet through its side without realizing that there are many forms of foot arches. But if you carefully examine them standing or even just by looking at them, you will notice that many of them have flat feet.

Having flat foot means the arches are lost, and you will be vulnerable to injury as the shock-absorbing arches disappear. This is because high heels do not support the feet properly and can weaken the tendons leading to fallen arch. This is caused by blood and fluid being pulled down to the feet by gravity and because of prolonged standing.

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