Skin tags: removal, treatments - medical news today, Read about what causes skin tags and how you can remove or treat them. Almost all types of HPV cause relatively harmless warts that appear on your hands or feet. However, there are a few strains of HPV that cause warts on, in, and around your genitals.
In women, these warts—called “genital warts”—can cause cervical cancer, a potentially fatal disease.

If you think you have genital warts or think you have been exposed to them, you should see a doctor right away. Some things to remember: You can spread warts to other parts of your body, and they are contagious to others. If a treatment requires that you rub the wart with a fingernail file or a pumice stone, do not use that utensil on any other part of your body, and do not allow anyone else to use it. They will work best if you soak the wart in water for about 15 minutes before you apply the treatment.

Follow these simple guidelines: Wash your hands regularly, especially if you have been in contact with someone with warts.

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