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IMPORTANT: Read This Information About Plantar Wart RemovalBefore Doing Anything Else You May Regret! Some warts found on the feet are called plantar warts and they are caused by the human papillomavirus, also known medically as HPV. Once an individual carries the virus in their body, it can lay dormant for many months, or years within their system.
If you do not see results with treatment within a few weeks, then please consult your physician.

Once the incubation period is over, a single wart as well as a cluster of warts may appear.
If you have pain from pressure applied to the sides of the growth, you more than likely have a plantar wart. Home remedies are available as well as topical agents which can be purchased at your local drug store. When the surface is infected with the virus and you place your bare feet on the surface, you take a risk of becoming infected and getting warts on feet.

If there are tiny cuts, or openings, in your skin then you have the potential to contract the virus. Wear sandals if you are visiting these areas to increase protection from getting the HVP disease.

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