Women typically experience body odor concentrated in their underarms, their genitalia, and their feet.
Human sweat glands are located throughout the body, but tend to be most noticeable, at least where smell is concerned, in moist environments that are more or less closed off to regular air flow. The specific foods a person eats can also cause changes in body odor, often making things seem more pungent. I work with some inner city kids on a regular basis and have had to address this issue more than once.There is no easy way to go about this, but sometimes it has to be done. We commonly think of the armpits as being the center for all sweat… but actually, the foot has the highest density of sweat glands on the body.
All three of these places have a tendency to be moist, which allows odor-causing bacteria to grow and multiply. Female body odor from sweat tends to originate in the underarms and the groin; sometimes the feet, too, particularly when women have been wearing tight-fitting shoes or shoes without socks.
A range of over-the-counter products have been manufactured specifically to mask or stop the smell of sweat. Vaginal secretions are a normal part of reproductive health, but they often create an ideal breeding ground for odor-causing bacterial strains, and when these multiply, women can find that their genitals are releasing a foul, sour smell. Wearing cotton socks and underwear is often a good place to start, particularly when these are changed every few hours or after they start to feel damp. Hormones, which are chemicals in the body that impact everything from emotions to sexual attraction, are constantly in flux, and can play a role in sweat and other bodily secretions. This is usually caused by bacteria that have multiplied in the moist spaces of the throat and gum beds. Some medical conditions cause bad smells that are difficult to control, and women who have overactive sweat glands may not be able to control their sweat with regular self-care products. Growing up I would ask my mom what to do about body odor and she would tell me I needed better hygiene and should wash up better.

Aluminum's been tracked to breast cancer and lymph cancer (a big bundle of lymph nodes is located in each of your underarms.) What all this means is that I can't wear deodorant, and even though I wash up three times per day, all it takes is for me to sweat even for five minutes and I'll start to smell. An estimated one percent of the population suffers from some form of hyperhidrosis — be it the hands, feet, or underarms. Sandals are the most breathable shoe out there, but you may also find specially-designed shoes like Geox, Nike, or Merrell that use the latest technology to allow your feet some air.
Stress also causes the body to produce an abnormal amount of sweat that can’t evaporate quickly enough. Deodorants are the most popular, and tend to come in the form of roll-on solids, gels, or sprays. In minor cases toothpaste and mouthwash can cure the problem, but specialized medications may be required when the problem has been going on for some time.
Foods that are fried or high in saturated fats can also impact the smell of sweat and other secretions, and eating large amounts of pungent foods like garlic, cabbage, or onions can sometimes cause smelliness, too.
Sweat itself is just salt and water, which isn’t terribly stinky of its own volition. Another experimental treatment involves sending low-grade electrical current through feet submerged in water. The sweat gets trapped between the foot and the shoe, creating a moist and steamy environment where odors can grow and thrive. With feet this often means going barefoot for at least a portion of each day; for vaginal secretions, sleeping without underwear can sometimes help. The effects are often the most noticeable in the days leading up to the menstrual cycle when hormones tend to fluctuate somewhat dramatically, though certain medical conditions and some prescription drugs can make unpleasant odors more noticeable. Experts usually recommend that women eat a varied diet with a balance of fruits and vegetables, grains, and proteins to avoid this and other problems. Sweat glands can often be temporarily paralyzed or disabled with certain injections, for instance, and prescription-strength deodorants and antiperspirants are available though many doctors.

It might have been what I was eating and not my fault!The article mentions a few foods and drinks, like caffeine and alcohol, but doesn't really tell me much about the food-related part of the problem, so I figured I'd ask on here. However, once bacteria begins to flourish and produce waste, the stench can become unbearable! If you have smelly feet, you may need to change your socks several times a day and try products like OdorEaters to keep your soles dry.
In most cases regularly bathing and using products like deodorant and anti-fungal foot cream can prevent problems, but medical intervention is sometimes necessary. Pharmaceutical drugs are often used to balance hormones, and specialized creams for both the genitals and the feet can control bacterial growth and prevent infections and outbreaks. Certain medications and lifestyle changes can help keep things balanced and keep odors and secretions under control. What you have done is classic stereotyping, and being guilty of exactly what you accuse this post-er of doing!
Baking soda absorbs odor and it's cheap, so try patting it on your inner thighs and sprinkling it on the outside crotch of your panties.
This happens because these foods have such strong odors in their makeup that when you eat them and their oils get carried through your body, even in the broken-down forms they're in when they leave your body through your lungs and pores they smell strongly. There are tons of different kinds, and you might have to try half a dozen before you find one that works, but once you do you can just keep buying that one and the body odor problem is solved. And for the original author, thanks for working with kids (any kids!) and trying to make a difference!
These help soothe the skin and also help with odor.If it continues to be really bad, or if you're having intense itching or discharge, see a doctor.

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