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Warts on the feet or commonly known as plantar warts are experienced by people of any age group. The presentation of these warts can be darkening of the skin around the lesion but lightening of the skin is possible with visible striaes.
These warts found on the soles of our feet are common to children and young adults, most especially to those who walk barefooted in public areas. Repeated exposure of friction or pressure on the patient’s skin can precipitate formation of warts. Using of duct tapes to suffocate the warts has claimed its effectiveness in treating the warts. Plantar warts generally tend to form under the pressure points in the feet such as the balls or the heels of the feet. Most cases of plantar warts do not result in any serious health complications and rarely require any treatment. When the outer layer of the skin present on the soles of the feet is infected by the human papillomavirus, it results in the formation of plantar warts. Even though there are more than 100 varieties of HPV, not many are suspected to be the cause of warts on the feet.
The spread of HPV from the initial site of infection can lead to the development of multiple warts. Presence of ‘kissing warts’ wherein a pair of plantar warts occur in the areas where two parts of the foot meet, such as area of contact between the ball of the foot and the toe, or between two toes.

Even though all individuals are equally vulnerable to develop plantar warts, teenagers and children as well as those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk to develop the condition.
Most cases of plantar warts do not require any treatment as they fade away within a few years. Immunotherapy that involves the injection of interferon or antigen to boost or stimulate the immune system to reject or fight off the plantar warts. This condition is said to be contagious because of the causative agent human papilloma virus or HPV. This course of taking care of warts is said to be difficult for the tapes tendency to fall off from the skin.
This can be in a form of dilute glutaraldehyde that is said to be an old treatment for warts.
Warts on feet are common to people who have cut the soles of their feet and walk barefooted in public areas such as the common pool and public lockers or showers.
Such growths are noncancerous and are caused due to infection by the human papillomavirus or the HPV. Most of HPV varieties are known to cause warts on the mucous membranes and other regions of the skin.
In case, there is spread of plantar warts or if they cause pain, then treatment may be required.
However, all cases of plantar warts do not easily respond to treatment and they also tend to reoccur.

It results in a painful blister around the wart which heals within a week and then the dead tissue falls off.
One should consult the doctor immediately to find the right solution for the wart formation.
In case, self-care treatment methods fail to alleviate the condition, then affected individuals may need to contact a health care provider for removal of the plantar warts. However, such HPV strains flourish in moist and warm environments such as public swimming areas, shower floors and gymnasiums. Hence, almost all treatments for plantar warts require persistence, patience and multiplicity of interventions.
It may result in inflammation of the areas adjacent to the wart as well as damage to the surrounding tissues. Because of the round growth formation of these warts on our skin, the alteration of comfort becomes the foreseeable problem.
Fortunately, in most cases leaving the warts as it is may disappear in time but can exist to months and years. This can dissolve the protein which is responsible for the makeup of warts and the dead skin along with it.

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