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Various diseases can cause foot pain, such as the Burning Feet Syndrome , the Morton’s neuralgia, diabetes , or polyneuropathy.
Foot pain can also be caused by the formation of a heel spur or degenerative changes of the foot.
By this is meant that, in the region of the foot comes to printing, loading or friction pain. The foot is in these cases only the host of the foot pain, but not the origin of the disease.

Achillodynia or achillobursitis are heel pain caused by inflammation or pressure on the Achilles tendon or the formation of a bursa caused.
Known causes of foot pain are also dystrophy, called Erythromelalgien, Kohler’s disease and polyneuropathy. The Burning Feet Syndrome, however, is probably a vitamin – and mineral deficiency caused as a result of eating disorders.
Overexerting yourself during this week can increase risk of foot pain or injury during the race.

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