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The toes hurt in the area right around where the above image is marked "Toe cramps" and feel more numb and less painful toward the ends of the toes. Translation: if your calves are tight, you run in a way that puts more pressure on the ball of your foot. As I've steadily increased the amount of running in my workout, I've started experiencing toward the end of my workout (last 10 minutes or so) a semi-painful almost numbing sensation from slightly behind the base of my toes to the ends of the two toes nearest my big toe on my left foot only. Changing the distribution of weight on my foot as I run doesn't seem to help any with the pain once it starts.

If you have a fallen arch cauaed by weakness, you should also do foot-strengthening exercises. The pain goes away just a few minutes after my workout is completed and I've taken a short break. In addition, both sources I mentioned suggest metatarsal pads, which sit behind the balls of the feet to help with support and shock absorption. Metatarsalgia can also be caused by a fallen metatarsal arch (the arch that goes across the ball of the foot).

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