According to studies, about 15% of the people who have bad odor get such condition because of sulfur compound. What they don’t realize is that the moment they used the socks and have sweat on them, there are thousands of bacteria that have just been born. The next time they wear the same socks and their feet perspire, the bacteria will produce acids that account for the bad odor. It consumes the dead skin of the foot in inhabits, and is most active between one's toes and on the sole.

And this is the main reason why people shun you now.The story above is fictitious, of course, but foot odour does affect us like that. Not only does foot odour drive away your closest family at times, it also shows that you lack foot hygiene, which leaves strangers a bad first impreesion of you, and also tells you that you have been ill-treating your body (specifically, your feet). Also, when you have foot odor, it either means that you have a lot of bacteria on your feet, or fungus. I advise that you consult a doctor (if your foot is overrun with fungi), or simply read the solutions we have listed below (if your feet are just smelly).In my opinion, the sweat is actually the bigger culprit.

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