A corn on our toe or between our toes can be very painful, and can interfere with our ability to walk normally. When a corns forms on our toe it is usually the result of an abnormality or misalignment of the bones inside the toe.
Corns can also form in response to pressure from outside our foot, such as when a tight-fitting shoe rubs on the toe. Whether your corns are due to hammertoes, mallet toes, spurs or other bone problems, you do not have to live with them.
The best treatment for corns is to pad them with moleskin, wear loose fitting shoes and have a good podiatrist examine your foot.

However, corn remover products are not always the best solution and may, in fact, prove harmful.
The bone under the area of the corn may be abnormal and may have a spur or some other kind of growth, or the toe itself may be bending (contracting) and you may have a mallet toe or hammertoe deformity. The podiatrist will take an x-ray and you will immediately see how the bone is causing the painful corn or corns. Now both my toes are extremely darker than all the other toes (my toes look burnt) and the corns are still there. A deformity of the toe or misalignment of the bones causes pressure on the skin from within and rather than the skin breaking open, it toughens and forms the corn (to protect it).

Putting acid on a corn (or burning the corn) will make the corn look burnt, as you describe.
Essentially, the acid does not stop after destroying the corn and goes through the good tissue, resulting in gangrene or infection in the toe or worse, the bone.

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