An Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is an orthosis (support) that the patient wears around the ankle, foot and lower leg. Ankle Foot Orthosis range from a custom made ankle foot orthosis to a light weight carbon fibre ankle foot orthosis, depending on the patients need.
Ankle foot orthotics are also routinely prescribed for patients which suffer from an arthritic ankle or foot joint.
The Orthotist often prescribes rocker soles or specialist footwear, to be worn with the ankle foot orthosis.

Many patients attend the Glasgow Orthotic or Edinburgh Orthotic clinic complaining of sciatica in conjunction with having a ‘drop foot’.
In this situation the ankle foot orthosis will be designed to hold the ankle in the best position in order to reduce the compression of bones around the arthritic site.
An ankle foot orthosis is designed to hold the ankle and foot in a better position, allowing restored balance, improved walking and elimination of pain. This is very commonly treated in the Orthotics clinic and may result from a trapped nerve or a Neuromuscular condition.

The ankle foot orthosis will also reduce movement within the ankle complex, therefore further reduce your pain.

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