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Common warts are skin growths which are caused by human papilloma virus which are commonly growing on the hands and fingers and predominantly affect the young adults and children population. Typically, warts located on the hands vary in color from flesh to tan, or from white to pinkish.
Warts found growing on the hands and fingers are harmless, thus they don’t require any treatment. Having established that common warts are very prevalent, and that people of all ages, race, and nationality can be affected by them, having some general knowledge about common warts, their appearance, and the removal techniques will certainly hold those suffering warts in good stead. Common warts can affect just about any part of the human body, but often the most common of warts will appear on the hands and the fingers.
If you find yourself suffering from common warts it’s always better to at least have some general knowledge about what type of common wart they may be.
Having an understanding of the variety of common warts can give a wart sufferer a better idea about the appropriate avenue for wart removal. Traditionally, the way for removing common warts include freezing them through cryosurgery or burning them off, Cantharidin application, minor surgical removal and laser surgery, however, these methods are very expensive, leave permanent scars and do not guarantee that these warts won’t recur.
The second thing to be aware of is that most warts are harmless and can easily be treated or removed.

Usually these types of warts will be found in groups or clusters, and will typically not be found alone. They can affect people of all ages, and while many common warts can appear on almost any body part, planter warts generally speaking develop more commonly on the feet.
Again commonly affecting the various age groups, these warts typically grow in larger groups.
Cutting the warts open may result to bleeding and may perhaps reveal black spots termed as wart seeds which are in fact, small blood vessels which have already clotted.
It is important not to clip the wart as it might spread the virus to other region of the body when it breaks open. However before you get to the stage of wart removal it may be useful to gain some understanding about some of the types of common warts. As with many types of common warts, these warts will generally be hard, or have a rough texture, and commonly develop on the hands when there there is broken areas of skin. Which is why often planter warts can be painful and uncomfortable because of our obvious need to get around. Flat warts also tend to appear relatively soft which is unlike many of the other common warts which can be rough and feel hard when touched.

Genital warts (also described as an STD) are most typically transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, and while they are generally more difficult to remove, with the right genital warts treatment removal can be successful. Also consider that while most types of common warts can be successfully treated at home, with home remedies or over-the-counter wart treatments, sometimes health professional will need to be consulted. If a child has warts, it is good to cover his hands with cloth or bandage to prevent him from pulling the warts out.
It’s also interesting that while most common warts grow outward, planter warts tend to grow inward. For genital wart sufferers, professional medical consultation is required not only for treatment, but also for any ongoing medication that is often required for these types of common warts.

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