I had one that was growing next to my nail, nothing worked, they finally had to burn it and about half of my nail off but it got the little sucker.My dermatologist said there are different types of warts you can get them if you are overly stressed some are even caused by a virus.
There are books written about the wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar--while I haven't heard about its ability to help get rid of warts, my family has been believers of its medicinal value for years! I had warts on my feet for YEARS and tried everything: from cryotherapy at the dermatologists' to plants, homemade brews, incantations and small surgery!

A majority of people are not even aware of the existence of warts in other parts of the body, after having experienced hand warts themselves before. Hand warts are contagious, in the sense that they can be developed through direct contact with a person infected by HPV (Herpes Papilloma Virus). He had number of hpv warts upon his different leg and also his rearfoot that individuals did not put skin oils upon.

In addition to this, hand warts can also be caused by cuts in the hands, particularly at the back or near the fingers, as any cut or bruise attracts a skin opening for the virus to enter, thus making it susceptible to warts and other infection.

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