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I’m always on the hunt for natural remedies to treat ear infections, sinus infections, headaches, and more. I think we went to the store and got an over-the-counter wart remover and I applied it over and over again. I never liked those footie sleepers because they made my feet sweaty and sweaty feet are like a breeding ground for warts.
Check down below for a great home remedy for warts on your feet - look under my favorite warts remedy.. You may also want to try these Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal remedies by Charles Davidson, an alternative medical practitioner who compiled some of his best remedies in an ebook.
There are a lot of success stories on using the white milk from this weed as a wart removal home remedy.
Capture some liquid inside the shot jar from the compressed air can and using the Q-tip, apply the liquid directly to the wart.

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I put the oregano oil on it and within 3 hours it went from being a raised wart to being level with the rest of his skin. It would have gone faster if I’d remembered to change the cotton daily, but I forgot occasionally. I had a wart on the side of my toe and duck taped a tiny piece of aloe on it, changed it a couple times a day and it was almost gone in a week. I treated my kids warts many years ago with salicylic acid, but wasn’t having much success. I’ve removed at least 4 of them simply by taking evening primrose every day for a week.
In this 90 page e-book, Charles explains in easy to understand language how he has helped hundreds of people get TOTALLY rid of moles, warts and skin tags with his proven PAIN FREE method.

Rub some Vitamin E on the skin around the wart to protect it and keep it moist as garlic tends to burn the skin if left on too long. Next time I get a wart, I’ll be trying to apply it (the evening primrose oil) topically. If you kill the Mother Wart the others die off too, usually faster because they’re smaller. Treated the Mother Wart, softened, filed down, and (not sure if you want to do this but I’m a nurse and did it reluctantly) cut around the base only with a sterile razor blade.

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