Our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice provides premier options for facial cosmetic surgery, breast implant surgery, body contouring liposuction, and Mommy Makeover.
The third-year player out of Alabama just completed the fifth game of season, where he suffered the injury in a loss to the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. Recently in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, more patients are asking about this life changing Cinderella Surgery.
Raffy Karamanoukian is one of a few board certified plastic surgeons in Los Angeles who offers the Miradry system. He remained on the field, but following the game, team doctors urged him to get a second opinion on his previously fractured foot, suffered in 2011.
No matter how it will occur, it is important to see your foot doctor as soon as possible to get pain relief.

Because of the variety of treatment options, your doctor can help you choose a method that tailors to your needs. If severe symptoms do occur it is recommended to speak with a podiatrist or feet doctor before certain symptoms worsen. If not treated immediately, a small blister or a cut from the waves of the beach can cause infection which can result in the loss of your toes, or even your whole leg. Jones visited his foot specialist and CT scan results confirmed what initial tests run by team doctors showed as ESPN reports. By visiting your doctor after the problem has been addressed, a quick procedure can take place that will end the pain and permanently cure the ingrown toenails before it gets infected. When midnight strikes, you’ll run away and accidently lose one of your heels revealing your bare feet.

If you have any questions on how these surgical procedures such as the Cinderella Surgery is performed, costs of surgery, insurance coverage or healing time after the surgery, feel free to contact our Los Angeles office today at (310) 247-9255. With the help of prescribed medication by your doctor and monitoring your blood sugar often, you will have optimal control over your health.

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