You’ll know a plantar wart could be the culprit when you experience pain on the bottom of your foot and it feels like there is a lump. One other popular home remedy is cryotherapy, which involves freezing the plantar wart with chemicals.
If you are considerable pain with your warts and none of your home remedies work, consider seeing a doctor. There are more powerful home treatments that exist that can clear your plantar warts within 30 days.

You simply cut a patch of duct tape and place it over the wart, keeping it covered at all times. If you have diabetes or are uncertain if you actually have a plantar wart, seek medical attention for useful advice. If you have ever suffered from plantar warts, you know how important it is to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
Most plantar warts will go away on their own as the body’s immune system goes to battle.

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