Commercial foods should be avoided and eat fresh vegetables and fruits is considered to control high uric acid.
Shalakki is a very popular natural anti-inflammatory that herb used by Ayurveda then used for pain and inflammation. Ginger root, capsicum, devil’s claw and licorice herbs with their anti inflammatory properties help to relieve pain. To control the level of uric acid in human body, we should go ayurvedic treatment which is more affected.

It is an important herbal medicine which is more effective in controlling the level of high uric acid .It give relief from pain. It is another important herbal medicine which controls the level of uric acid in human body, especially in gout .It reduces the pain and inflammation also. It also effective herbal medicine which help in treating disease like gout and high uric acid. Drink it at least 2 times every day because citric acid in lime help in dissolving uric acid.

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