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Please inform the undersigned promptly of your intention to attend so that the Gasogene and the Tantalus may make accurate plans. It seems to me more than likely that Doyle wrote that scene in His Last Bow quite deliberately, knowing it for what it was - a friendly para-phrase of the parting between Johnson and Boswell; although it may of course have been subconscious. You yourself would, I hope, perhaps feel inclined to present a proceeding of some sort; I mean a few remarks on the Obliquity of the Ecliptic, or whatever may be momently on your mind. I hope I may assume that like Peterson the commissionaire, or No, it was Henry Baker, you are carrying a white goose and walking with a slight stagger.
Since you seem not to have heard the news, I am sending this by pony express so that you may know at once that the Irregulars met, feasted, d---k, and thought of you.
I was glad to get your note of February 27th, and to learn from it that you may be coming back East soon.
So it was a surprise when James Keddie’s letter above referred to a dinner photo, and a thrill when a print turned up in the hands of Mary Hazard, daughter-in-law of the late Irregular whose it had been: Harry Hazard, a solver of the Sherlock Holmes Crossword in 1934. What you may not realize, however, is that you can print many of these items right at home, and save yourself money in the process!
Still, there may be times where a physical map is preferred, when hiking, bicycling, or running.

I might tell you that the addresses may not be 100% correct, but I think you will find them O.
In a letter to Morley on May 10, 1939, discussing the progress of 221B, Vincent Starrett mentioned that “Incidentally, I’ve included tentatively Woollcott’s bit on the Gillette dinner in 1934, from the New Yorker, as a sort of pendant to Fred Steele’s contribution from the same journal, which mentions the dinner. Save yourself some time and money the next time you need these items, and you may find the printable version sufficient for your needs! In every respect but this the dinner at the Murray Hill Hotel last week was a roaring success, and the book -- however it may ride the seas -- was properly launched.
It seems to me that you have made out an excellent case and I hope you may find an editor who will publish the paper. Basil was too proud to accept money from a rich aunt Juliet; but he did let her pay his membership dues at the Yale Club, which he called “the most inclusive club in New York,” and which he liked because he could take their thick correspondence cards and cut them to fit inside his shoes perfectly when the soles wore out. If you like crosswords, browse the large collection of free printable crossword puzzles at MirrorEyes. It includes the members’ chosen noms de canon, a practice of the Pips which may have inspired the Titular Investitures adopted by the BSI later under Smith’s leadership.
In that instance, the coal box, which stood by the fireplace chair, had been used by my mother and by my grandmother before her for the odds and ends of sewing and knitting utensils that a Scotswoman picks up in the afternoon that even her time of rest may not be entirely wasted!

But, simply to put the reader on the alert, a few obvious corrections may be noted” — and Miss Nightwork, perennial Ph.D.
There were Crossword Puzzle winners like Basil Davenport, Harry Hazard, Harvey Officer, and Earle Walbridge. Jackson of Barre, Vermont, a Crossword solver, and Morley’s friend and Grillparzer crony Buckminster Fuller. So are the signatures of two more men not named in Smith’s minutes, who may be among the unidentified faces in the picture: Ernest S.
Price, the American Bank Note Company executive who had solved the Sherlock Holmes Crossword in 1934. The owlish bespectacled man at the bottom of the picture may or may not be Elmer Davis; across from him, Earle Walbridge makes another appearance in what will long stand as the record for unbroken attendance at the annual dinners.

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