Up to one out of 10 Americans have genital HPV infections, and between 500,000 and a million new cases of genital warts occur every year.
Surgery is sometimes used to cut away warts if treatment without anesthesia would cause discomfort, or warts are so extensive that simultaneous reconstructive surgery is required. In superficial cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen is applied by cotton swab to minor external warts.
Laser treatment involves a high-intensity beam of light that vaporizes lesions, particularly those that are external or in less accessible locations. Acids such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or bichloroacetic acid (BCA) may be painted on visible warts using a small cotton swab or wooden applicator.
Interferon, a newer drug approved for injection into a muscle or select lesions, can be used, but it is expensive, has significant systemic side effects, and cannot be used during pregnancy. After any HPV treatment, the treated area should be kept clean and dry with cornstarch dusting, cotton underwear, and loose clothing. Whatever treatment is used, the doctor always tells the patient how to apply a bandage to the wart, or wound, remove yourself as dead tissue in the interval between examinations, how to clean the exposure area and how to change the bandage if necessary. For the treatment of warts and to care for healthy skin and nails use different nail files, pumice and nail clippers.
Many times a woman does not notice warty lesions, but her physician may see something unusual while performing a routine gynecologic examination or Pap smear.
Moreover, an infected woman should be monitored throughout her life for recurrence or development of precancerous changes, whether or not warts are apparent.

Extensive lesions can be frozen faster and to a greater depth with a cold cautery device which pinpoints warts.
To be effective, TCA or BCA must be applied in proper concentrations, but these sometimes cause a burning sensation after treatment. Podophyllin was once a popular treatment, but it is used less often now because it cannot be used during pregnancy or for most internal lesion sites and because it may cause cancer or toxic reactions. Then you’ll have to be patient, be persistent and apply various methods of treatment.
To freeze and destroy the wart using liquid nitrogen, which is applied with a spray can or a cotton swab.
Your doctor may also be used to treat plantar warts cantharidin – a substance extracted from the hemolymph of blister beetles. This method aims to ensure that, using the resources of the immune system of the body to get rid of difficult to treat warts. This cream that is applied directly to the wart, is an immunotherapy drug that promotes the body’s production of immune system proteins (cytokines) that attack the human papilloma virus.
Also, your doctor may suggest the use of an antibiotic cream that helps protect the skin from penetration common infections after removing plantar warts or after the bubble burst, formed during the treatment.
Some cause WARTS, including PLANTAR WARTS on the feet, common hand warts, juvenile warts, and genital warts (see WARTS, GENITAL).
Because the virus remains in the lesions it creates, treatment for HPV consists of controlling infection by removing visible warts or precancerous lesions.

Cold cautery cryotherapy is usually performed within a week after menstruation, and it cannot be used in pregnant women. The procedure is usually more expensive than other types of treatment and carries risks of removing too much tissue, and delayed healing, scarring, or pain.
Follow-up colposcopy and Pap smears are usually scheduled at three-month intervals after treatment of HPV, and yearly thereafter. Typically, the extract combined with salicylic acid, the mixture was applied to the plantar wart and superposed on the bandage. After this procedure around the affected area can be formed a strong inflammation and tissue damage covering the wart. The majority of those now seeking treatment for genital warts are teens and young women between the ages of 15 and 29.
You can enter into the wart interferon – a drug that stimulates the immune system to reject the tumor.
Or you can enter into the wart foreign substance (antigen), which activates the immune system. Because of the risk of scarring the skin in the treatment of warts this procedure are trying to use as little as possible.

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