Plantar Warts are small blister-like rough growths or warts that can be seen developing on the toes, hills or soles of the feet. Warts on feet are easier to spot as they may cause a sensation of walking with a pebble in your shoe. Genital warts or Condyloma are warts that are found on the genitals and the pubic region, in the thighs, the vagina and in the anal canal. Treatment of Plantar Warts often seems unnecessary, as the warts appearing on the skin of the foot are found to disappear suddenly. Homemade remedies for warts include medicinal remedies like applying apple cider vinegar with a cotton dressing. Alternatively, Cantharidin and Salicylic acid patches may also be used at home to get rid of these warts. An alternate way of dealing with these warts is to inject each of the warts with a glycopeptide antibiotic called Bleomycin. Some preventive measures need to be taken to avoid being infected by warts or prevent the spreading of an already existing infection. The removal of warts can be challenging and require treatment for a longer period of a medicament for warts.
Flat wart (Verruca plana), is a small, smooth flattened wart, flesh-coloured, which can occur in large numbers; most common on the face, neck, hands, wrists and knees. There are quite a few tips on how to remove warts, which is due to the warts tend to disappear by itself.
The treatment recommended is lengthy and requires patience, namely abrasion of the horny layer with either a knife or horn-dissolving drugs with salicylic acid or freezing, which today probably the most widely used method.
Liquid nitrogen is applied on the affected area by cotton-tipped applicators or by spray which results in blistering and blackening of the warts.
This process has to be continued for some time and after about three or four weeks the skin affected by warts will get completely healed. A wart is generally a small, rough growth, typically on a human’s hands or feet but often other locations, which can resemble a cauliflower or a solid blister.
Foot warts are especially the ball of the foot is subjected to pressure and are often painful when pressed, standing or walking. Warts of the hands are in particular located on the nails and on the upper side of the fingers.
For example Wartner wart pen that is stated to have given visible results after the first week of treatment in 95 percent of subjects in a test.

Flat warts appear most often on the legs of women and faces of children and young adult males. Preparations with salicylic acid are available as ointments, liniments, gels and patches, for example, Vortex 27, Vortex and Verucid plus.
Salicylic acid plasters contain salicylic acid such as Hansa Plast Cornina Strips and Felt Rings.
Liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide snow is often used to freeze warts example Verrukill wart remover and Wartner wart remover for home use.
But pulsed laser treatment and antiviral therapies with medication, is included as new methods for the treatment of warts.
Genital Warts and Plantar Warts are considered to be two distinct varieties of warts as the latter affects only the feet of a person. At other times, these warts can be difficult to remove and new warts may grow as soon as the old warts are removed. A wart may be removed by electrodessication (ablation by an electrical device) or simple use of a scalpel. The warts may be injected with medication or an antigen which stimulates the auto immune system. While walking, pressure is applied on soles of the feet which result in the wart being pushed inward.
Only the part of the wart that is protruding out on the surface of the skin can be seen from outside.
However, there is no 100% effective cure for warts, but experience shows that treatment will usually be able to remove the warts within 12 weeks. Because flat warts frequently show up in large groups that cover large areas, peeling treatments are often effective.
An effective advice would be to lubricate the foot wart several times daily with juice from ordinary bulbs, such as juice contains the powerful antioxidant quercetin, which foot wart virus can not tolerate. Warts occur in various sizes and shapes and are filled with blood which gives it a dark color.
The small black dots which can often be seen in the warts are in fact blood vessels and bleeding as a result of pressure when walking and standing.
Warts on the hands is usually not painful and it is only disturbed by the cosmetic hand warts. A well-known advice is also Mellisa wart milk ointment containing herbal extracts that are both virus resistant and dissolves dead skin tissue, and thus is suitable for the treatment of warts on the hands and feet.1.

They might also ask for a sample of the affected skin to make some additional tests and check whether it is a callus or some benign or cancerous growth on the skin surface. In some extreme cases skin anomalies such as redness, immense pain, swelling or bleeding may arise for which immediate treatment of warts becomes necessary.
Since foot warts are highly contagious and spreads by walking barefoot on wet surfaces, warts can be prevented by not going barefoot in the bathroom and dressing room. People with warts, as pills or biting nails, thus fraying the skin, often the warts along the nail ridges. Keep a day's break with the treatment and then just repeat the whole procedure to the wart is gone. Warts not contagious by bleeding, but if you pill or biting warts there is a risk of infecting themselves.
Avoid picking or scratching the warts, which increases the risk of infecting themselves and others.
Even after warts get healed, the results often prove to be temporary and the affected person can be infected by warts again.
People with warts, as pills or biting nails and thus fraying skin, often warts along the nail ridges. Even if you have foot warts must be like to get in swimming pools and changing rooms, only used shoes and slippers. Warts are not a nuisance does not necessarily require treatment, the wart will usually disappear after 6-12 months, but treatment can speed up the process. Burns - Fire Wounds, scalding, boiling water and fire, 1 2 3 degree, First Aid for Burns.12.
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