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One cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome is that this laciniate ligament can tightly compression the contents of the tarsal tunnel, specifically the nerve, and ultimately cause symptoms such as numbness, tinging and burning pains of the heel.
A fourth cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome includes hypertrophy or severe enlargement of the muscles in the tarsal tunnel region.
Early symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome include intermittent burning pain, numbness, and paresthesias over the medial side of the heel, the toes and the plantar aspect of the foot. Conservative treatment includes injection of a mixture of local anesthetic and steroid in to the tarsal tunnel. Complications of tarsal tunnel syndrome include the possibility of recurrence of symptoms secondary to development of scar tissue, opening of the incision site, hematoma formation, and infection. This ligament acts like a covering to hold the tendons, ligaments, blood vessels close to the side of the ankle and heels bones.

If the medial calcaneal nerve is contricted or entrapped, ths is very common cause of medial heel pain.
These veins can cause severe night discomfort of the heel which can also be associated with night cramping.
Pain and nerve symptoms are directly associated to the amount of weight-bearing activity performed during the day.

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