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The foot corns are generally small and uneven heaps of dead layers of skin.  These corns are usually found on the top of the toes but can also crop up around the feet soles or in between the toes. This herb is known to be one of the most useful and helpful remedies of corn that are emerging newly. The juice of the fruit has been used since ancient times for the treating of corns on foot. Since all of us are aware of the fact that the corns are nothing but hardened dead skin, they can be quite painful at times.
The colors of the foot corn various from person to person as it depends upon the skin type.
The juice of the fruit serves as an irritant and is hence is of valuable use for this discomforting condition.
The peel of the fruit has been known to be extremely useful for the treating of foot corns.

The milky juice is extremely helpful for the curing of corns that have been there for years. The ill fitting shoes are largely responsible for the development of the corns on the feet.
Just before going to bed at night, rub the mixture on the corn slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes.
This method has to be carried out for a few weeks and will definitely help to soften and eventually eliminate the trouble. With the continuation of the process, the corn will eventually soften and slowly become smaller in mass.
Covering the area allows the juice to soak inside the hard skin and make it soft which eventually aid in making the corn smaller and smaller until it vanishes.
This method not only softens the corn but also reduces the size of it slowly but steadily until the corn disappears totally.

Another method of using lemon is by tying a fresh portion of lemon to the painful corn and allowing it remain there all through the night. Another popular method of using apple cider vinegar is by soaking a small gauze or cloth in the vinegar and then placing it slowly on the corn. The enzymes that are naturally present inside the fruit help to make the corn thin and soft.

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