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Plantar warts are a fairly common occurrence in children the argument has always been do we treat them or leave them alone in the hope that they will spontaneously resolve.
Warts are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus and occur in almost fifty percent of children at some time. Warts usually don’t cause any symptoms and do not require treatment, although plantar warts may be painful. Neither of the above treatments actually kills the virus that causes warts, they just kill the skin in which the virus is growing.
Other treatments may include using a pulsed dye laser, injection of bleomycin or interferon, application of Retin-A liquid, or taking oral cimetidine.
Update: The newest treatment recommendations are to cover the warts with duct tape for 6 out of 7 days at a time. Warts on the feet or commonly known as plantar warts are experienced by people of any age group. The presentation of these warts can be darkening of the skin around the lesion but lightening of the skin is possible with visible striaes.
These warts found on the soles of our feet are common to children and young adults, most especially to those who walk barefooted in public areas. Repeated exposure of friction or pressure on the patient’s skin can precipitate formation of warts. Using of duct tapes to suffocate the warts has claimed its effectiveness in treating the warts. Well our take on this subject is 1 wart is OK in a child however if it multiplies or gets larger then the parent must take the child for treatment of the plantar warts.

These types of warts may resemble calluses or corns, but you can tell the difference because plantar warts disrupt the natural lines of the skin and may have small black dots on their surface, which are tiny blood clots in blood vessels. Although there is no specific cure for warts and most will disappear on their own in a few years, if the warts are painful or causing cosmetic problems, there are steps you can take to remove them. This will cause a blister to form around the wart and hopefully, when this blister falls off, the wart and virus will come off with it. It is similar to freezing in that it destroys the skin around the wart, but it is less painful when it is applied. It is a cream that was first used to treat anogenital warts, but is now being used more to treat other types of warts and molluscum contagiosum.
You can soften the warts by soaking them and then paring them down with an emory board or pumice stone and then apply an over the counter medicine with salicylic acid. This course of taking care of warts is said to be difficult for the tapes tendency to fall off from the skin. This can be in a form of dilute glutaraldehyde that is said to be an old treatment for warts. Warts on feet are common to people who have cut the soles of their feet and walk barefooted in public areas such as the common pool and public lockers or showers. There are many ways of treating a plantar wart in a child however most are not that successful.
The virus that causes warts can be spread to other parts of the body and to other people who have contact with the wart. Paring down the wart before freezing, using several freeze-thaw-freeze cycles, and freezing for extended periods of time (perhaps up to a minute) may help this treatment work better.

It is applied to the warts three times a week, either with or without an occlusive dressing. In one recent study, this treatment worked 80% of the time after about two months, while freezing only worked less than 60% of the time.
One should consult the doctor immediately to find the right solution for the wart formation. Freezing that is done by many GP’s is very painful and in most cases has little effect on the wart.
You might need to soak and then pare or trim down the wart and then apply Aldara for it to work well. Because of the round growth formation of these warts on our skin, the alteration of comfort becomes the foreseeable problem. Fortunately, in most cases leaving the warts as it is may disappear in time but can exist to months and years. This can dissolve the protein which is responsible for the makeup of warts and the dead skin along with it. Then I read articles such as the one below and the last paragraph suggests to pumice the wart down this is in fact the WORSE thing you can do as it will often spread the wart.

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