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If you have a bunion, you know it can be a painful enlargement at the joint of the big toe. An important part of treatment is wearing shoes that conform to the shape of the foot and do not cause pressure areas. Inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot (plantar fascia) where it attaches to the heel bone is the most common cause of pain. Hunger was gnawing at us, so we stopped at a cute little trattoria labeled “planet pizza.” We ordered two slices of pizza and continued on, walking the narrow streets as we munched on our pizza.
We were becoming foot weary from the line of march, but headed southeast from the Piazza Navona, in search of the fabled Pantheon. We emerged into a small courtyard, at the top of the castle, where a statue of St., Michael the archangel, stands ready to protect all with his sword and shield.
The bus drove by the walled city of San Gimiano and we caught a glimpse of the open gates of what marco called a “medieval disneyland.” It looked like a great place to wander when the crowds were less intense. The seas were calm that night and we walked topside, enjoying the night air and each other’s company.We never lose sight of how fortunate we are to be with each other in these exotic and interesting locales. Revelry aside, the injury was throbbing insistently, so we returned to our cabin, with my hand elevated in the “French salute but with the wrong finger.” The seas were running rough this evening, with ten foot swells and 25 knot winds.
The first wonder that we passed is Antonio Gaudi’s “Batlo House.” Built in 1906, it is several stories high and has a delightful facade of painted ceramic tiles. We walked topside, enjoying as always the collage of sun, sea and sky, as we knifed through the rolling swells. It often begins without injury and is felt under the heel, usually while standing or walking. Heel and stretching, medication to reduce swelling of the soft tissues in your foot and shoe inserts are quite helpful. They may occur when bones of the foot press against the shoe or when two foot bones press together.
At the top of the steps, we crossed a small terrace and looked down into the elegant rubble that is the remains of the Roman Forum.
We were debating where we would head next, when we noticed that the line had lessened for St. Like all liners, the boat is equipped with motorized, ocean-going tenders that are wholly enclosed and hold up to 128 passengers when full. A light rain and a 42 degree chill greeted us, as we stood topside to watch the Dream get underway. We skipped breakfast and had coffee topside, admiring the Marseilles harbor and the surrounding mountains, in the bright, Easter-morning sun.

We dodged their insistent sales pitches and walked out onto the Via Imperiali, walking towards the Vittorio Emmanuel II monument.
The fascination of Rome is that you stumble upon these grand and ancient monuments so casually when you turn a street corner. The frescoes on the walls, the gilded and painted windows and the wealth of two thousand years held us in awe. It is our custom, when cruising, to have a drink at the topside bar and watch the ship leave port. Originally planned as a 60 residence housing project for the wealthy, only two homes were ever built.
Several types of surgery are available that may relieve pain and improve the appearance of the foot. The resulting deformity can be aggravated by tight shoes and usually results in pain over the prominent bony areas on the top of the toe and at the end of the toe.
After dinner, we strolled the decks and now open shops (they close when in port) and enjoyed the comings and goings of the passengers in the lounges. She had been so venerated by the church, that when the Sienese wanted her body interred in the Chiesa San Domingo, Rome had only sent her head and a finger to be buried there, retaining the rest of her remains for veneration in Rome. We enjoyed the McGoldrick’s company and were half lit from the Chianti when we emerged into the central piazza some 90 minutes later. Topside, we looked out and viewed the amphitheater of Genoa, that surrounds the busy commercial port.
A land road now reaches Porto Fino, but in the early part of the century, it had only been accessible by boat, increasing its attraction for those looking to “get away” from it all. You may experience severe pain when walking, and can have just one or many plantar warts. We had decided to eat at the Hotel’s “Taverna,” rather than risk ramming around the area when we were this tired. The painted frescoes and saints statues had replaced the many ancient and pagan deities that had once adorned the niches in the walls.
A 60 foot high cliff, with grecian columned buildings, marks the eastern edge of the Villa Borghese and frame much of the remainder of the piazza. Then, we came upon the top of the Spanish steps and the storied Hotel Hassler and a few other four star and elegant small hotels.
One large center and two smaller flanking triangles, of painted Murano glass, project colorful scenes of the Virgin Mary. I could write several chapters on this elegant sandstone epiphany, but suffice it to say that it is a conceptual marriage of architect Antonio Gaudi, and painter Salvatore Dali.

Good old Ronnie Reagan had a chocolate mousse that topped off the meal with decaf cappuccino and Mondavi Merlot. It was one of those magical moments when you are very glad to be alive and with a loved one. Further down the parkway we knew lay the hotel Hassler at the top of the imposing Spanish Steps.
We passed on the privilege and watched for a time the ebb and flow of tourists walking in and out.
Above the beaches runs an elevated promenade upon which throngs of natives and tourists were walking. We walked about, enjoying the many artists who were painting alfresco portraits of the tourists, much like the Place du Tetre, behind Sacre Cour, in Paris. We felt fortunate to have put in so many laps walking earlier today, to help neutralize the caloric tide. The Romans had even engineered a means of stretching a huge canvass across the top of the structure, when the high sun of summer was beating down on the arena. As in most situations, when you find yourself overwhelmed by what you see, it soon becomes normal. We always do a double blink when we find ourselves in places like this, to remind us that we are really here and not meandering in some day dream in a place far away. The newer trees were only now approaching the proper maturity to deliver ripe olives for oil pressing. That was to be the last time we agreed to ‘share a table” with strangers when asked by the various maitre-d’s. Along the many coastal areas, we noticed the old fishermen’s homes, that are painted in various bright Mediterranean pastels.
Across the small plaza, from the Cathedral, sits a more modern building with a huge painting by Picasso, on its facade.
It is always unnerving to sleep the first night at sea when there are high waves, until you got used to the rhythms of the ship. They no longer asked for tips in the loo, they had sliding doors that only opened to admit one, if you inserted .60 euros in a slot . The doctor offered me pain pills, but i advised that I would probably be drinking several glasses of wine for dinner.

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