Top of foot pain by the numbers is caused by a number of different conditions and problems, and this is common amongst athletes. Remember our feet are the most important parts of our body, and that’s why you need to take good care of our feet by using the right support. One of the first things is to do with top of foot pain is observe its development, if it continues to worsen do not hesitate to visit a podiatrist to help stop the problem.
There is no need to live with top of foot pain anymore when arch supports can give you almost instant relief, but if it continues you may actually have a more severe problem with your feet, if your feet are swollen or very tender when bearing weight on them you may have some stress fractures. Fortunately, most stress fractures occur on the under side surface of the foot or heel, but can be found on the top of the foot as well.

Good arch supports will help eliminate excessive pronation by supporting your arches and bring your feet into proper alignment will help to keep your feet in their ideal position, never mind what it will do for the rest of your body. Foot exercises are a big part of keeping your feet healthy and in good shape start by doing some plantar fascia stretches. This cotton ball trick worked well for the severe throbbing pain I was having on the top of my foot. About 3 weeks ago I started to develop severe pain on the top of both feet while training for my first marathon. I've had something similar to this several times, some worse, But it's usually been due to the shoestrings or pressure of the shoe onto the top of the foot.

The support this gave to my arches and feet took a lot of strain off of areas if my foot not built for straining. Remember your foot consists of many bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles and caring for your feet is very important.
Be seated in a chair while crossing your legs at the knee with the affected foot on top, grab your painful foot by the toes and pull them towards you slowly and methodically while holding your other hand at the heel.

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