After a hike 5 days ago, I noticed some pain in my left big toe which I attributed to the shoes I was wearing.
I perhaps have had two instances of such a situation and if my memory serves me correctly, in both cases they were the result of large draining nail infections that the patients had had for quite a while and finally got around to doing something about it.Of course there is also the possibility that the redness and swelling is nothing more than inflammation from the nail butting against your hiking boots.
I had been experiencing extreme heel and sole pain for about six months and had to take extended breaks off my feet many times a day as well as regular doses of Ibuprofen. I have been experiencing foot pain of various sorts and am working to figure out what it is. On the climb down, I noticed my feet warming up, but also sharp tingling pains in my toes that I had not experienced before.

The excruciating pain encountered during the thawing of the toes is a very good sign, this means that the blood is circling through the tissues and nerves. Last winter I started having Pain in one of my middle toes, seemed to have gotten cold the pain has come back. If you didn't feel unbelievable pain after a few hours of being warm then you know you have actually damaged them.
I went out to Festival Du Voyager last night here in Winnipeg, I suspect my 4 toes on my left foot are frost bitten, they have not changed color but the pain last night when I finally got them warm was almost unbearable. I have to say though, after using them for just four days, I have experienced grand relief from my foot pain.

Even the very first day, I was able to do a lot of work while on my feet with at least a 75% reduction of pain.
I was wearing uninsulated, heavy duty hiking boots (with thick socks and liner socks) that would have normally been fine for a warmer spring climb. RESPONSEHi Rachel,You may actually have two issues going on here, both of which could have occurred from hiking.

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