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Hallufix can be used prophylactically for mild to medium Hallux valgus as well as after a Hallux valgus operation. Initially considered merely a blemish, bunions can cause an increasing amount of pain in the course of time.
Following a Hallux valgus operation a conservative aftertreatment with an orthosis is generally recommended in order to stabilise the surgical adjustment of the toe. Hallufix® - corrects the malpositioning of the big toe not only during rest but also while walking and standing.
Achilles Tendon Rupture – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThese are custom made inserts that fit into the patients shoe and help with proper pronation of the foot, which is otherwise a problem that can lead to problems with the Achilles. All About BunionsAll About Bunions It is easy to diagnose a bunion since you can clearly see the bump sticking out on the big toe joint. BUNIONS And BUNIONETTESThere are several treatment options that will treat the symptoms of a painful bunion.
Step In The Right DirectionIf a bunion is not too painful, wearing shoes cut wide at the toes and instep (middle part of the foot), taping the foot, or wearing pads that cushion the bunion may help.

Medical Disability Advisor Sample Topics Brought To You By …Padded shoe inserts (orthotics) can be used to relieve pressure. This entry was posted in Bunion Shoes and tagged in achilles tendon, achilles tendon rupture, neuromusculoskeletal system, shoe recommendations, ultrasound therapy. The dynamic day and night comfort splint corrects the malpositioning of the big toe not only during rest but also while walking and standing. The dynamic day and night comfort splint corrects toe malpositioning demonstrably, protects and relieves the painful bunion and supports the entire foot while walking. By means of the splint worn on the big toe, the shrunken soft parts (capsule) of the base joint of the big toe are expanded and the progressive malpositioning of the joint is corrected. In the case of a mild to medium-severe development of bunion (Hallux valgus), regular wear of Hallufix eases the pain and counteracts further aggravation of big toe malpositioning. The Saucony Triumph uses ProGrid in the heel for extra cushioning and SRC XTRA keeps the forefoot very cushioned. Ultrasound therapy is a popular technique for treating bunions and their associated soft tissue involvement.

Some of these treatments include round toe shoes, molded shoes, paddings, splints, shoe inserts, injections, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. Some people have also obtained great relief by cutting an x in the shoe at the spot that overlies the bunion.
Via the system of splint, metatarsal and toe bandage, the foot is stabilised and incorrect loading corrected. By means of an integrated joint next to the bunion, the natural flexibility of the base joint of the big toe is retained while wearing the splint. The splayfoot (a very frequent concomitant of the toe malpositioning Hallux valgus) is effectively supported by it while wearing the splint.
Advantage: Hallufix combines the corrective function of a Hallux valgus night splint and the supporting function of an arch support for the metatarsal arch in a single product.

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