Toe Corn, as the name suggests, refers to a specific-shaped callus of dead skin occurring on thin skin surfaces like on the dorsal toe surface, and fingers. A foot corn refers to the infection caused due to thickening of the skin on the top side of the toes from shoe pressure. Corns may be the result of pressure from shoes that rub against the toes or cause friction between the toes. In order to protect itself, the skin on the foot area thickens up and eventually becomes painful at the area of the corn.

In case there is continuous tissue stimulation emitting the corns even after the corn is removed through surgery, the skin continues to grow as a corn. Reducing rubbing motion as well as the pressure can prevent from torn corns to form, by way of taking certain precautions, such as wearing well-fitted shoes, or using protective pads or skin dressings. Foot corns could appear in colors like yellow, white, brown and ray as per the type of skin.
Main causes of foot corns include wearing tight fitting shoes, any stitch inside the shoe, abnormal walking, bunions, and at times, not wearing sandals with socks.

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