If you really want to know the meaning of technology, you have to investigate about its origin, the one who coined it and other essential things. Among the listed meanings of the word technology are applied science, engineering, and science. For me, technology is something that I can use that has something to do with the product of creative people and the way they are designed to function to make life easier for humans.  Technology is a broad term and they are also defined differently by other individuals on different walks of life.
You will be able to increase your knowledge on this one and lean to use technology in a very relevant manner.

And I just want you to know that you will be able to apply the best way that you could the meaning of a particular word, like technology if you will learn its application. And search engines are important avenues for the things that you would like to learn like the meaning of the word, synonyms and antonyms, for example, technology synonym. Well, these three words may not speak about technology the way we want it to be defined, they can also contribute to its meaning in other ways, as what I have said. So, the next time you are going to define a particular word, like technology and notice that it is defined differently by other people that is just normal.

In this manner, I will not just be able to know the lexicon meaning of technology but also be able to know its application on a lot of things.

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