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Symptoms of diabetic foot pain,warts on foot itchy,wart removal - Review

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Diabetic nephropathy is the most common cause of chronic kidney failure and end-stage kidney disease in the United States.
Also people with high cholesterol level in their blood have much more risk than others.The earliest detectable change in the course of diabetic nephropathy is a thickening in the glomerulus. As diabetic nephropathy progresses, increasing numbers of glomeruli are destroyed by nodular glomerulosclerosis. At this stage, a kidney biopsy clearly shows diabetic nephropathy.Diabetic nephropathy continues to get gradually worse.

Complications of chronic kidney failure are more likely to occur earlier, and progress more rapidly, when it is caused by diabetes than other causes. The main treatment, once proteinuria is established, is ACE inhibitor drugs, which usually reduces proteinuria levels and slows the progression of diabetic nephropathy. Other complications may be arteriosclerosis of the renal artery and proteinuria.Throughout its early course, diabetic nephropathy has no symptoms. Most often, the diagnosis is suspected when a routine urinalysis of a person with diabetes shows too much protein in the urine (proteinuria).

Serum creatinine and BUN may increase as kidney damage progresses.A kidney biopsy confirms the diagnosis, although it is not always necessary if the case is straightforward, with a documented progression of proteinuria over time and presence of diabetic retinopathy on examination of the retina of the eyes.

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