Pregnant women often suffer from painless swollen ankles, especially in the last trimesters. Although painless ankle swelling during pregnancy is typically harmless, Mayo Clinic warns that a sudden or severe increase in ankle swelling may be a sign of the development of preeclampsia, a serious complication. People who are tied to desk jobs may also develop painless swollen ankles, also known as peripheral edema. According to the American Heart Association, persistent swollen ankle is a common symptom among people suffering from moderate to severe heart complications. As per the Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals, painless swelling of the ankles is a common symptom of chronic or acute kidney disease.
Since the ankle is a junction between the feet and the lower leg, swelling is especially at the worst there.
When the ABI value is less than 1.0, compression stockings are not recommended since they can actually stop blood flow to the feet by constricting the arteries running through the ankles. Diuretics are also effective for treating swollen feet especially when the swelling is caused by fluids retained in the body.

Hi I sprained my right foot on July 1st and I went to the Dr gave me pain medication and scheduled me and appointment to see a foot specialist. I'm not sure what is wrong but it just came to me that I might have been bitten by a spider. My left ankle is always swollen, so is that foot and bottom part of that leg, up to the point where the foot starts turning purple and get a throbbing pain that anything that touches it causes extreme pain.
This is out of my scope of practice so I am of no use to you, but to guide you to someone who can help you.
Extended periods of inactivity can cause blood pooling in the lower legs, causing fluid leakage into the soft tissues and painless ankle swelling.
The easiet way of finding out if the swollen ankle is caused by edema, is checking for pain. In fact, leg massage should be considered first especially if the ankles are swollen and raw. By design, they are especially suited for treating swollen ankles since they exert their highest pressure at the ankles.

I haven't seen any spiders crawling lately but there was one dead in the corner but that was weeks before I had any trouble. This pressure is reduced further up the leg so that the fluid retained in the swollen ankle can be gently squeezed up the feet to empty into the lymph nodes at the groin area. In the morning my foot is not swollen but hurts and by noon I'm in pain and my foot is swollen. A month has gone by and still pain and it gets swollen when I put pressure on it is that normal I'm getting concerned about this and people ask me at work how much longer but we're not sure. I had my sister massage it, but my girlfriend said that I shouldn't because it'll just keep swelling.
I'm 61 years old.Hi Joe,There are a number of things that could cause this type of pain, but rather than give you a "laundry list" of possible conditions I would suggest you see a podiatrist, quite simply, because the pain has been present for over two weeks.

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