For reference, however, the Superfeet definitely improved the fit of my CCM V08 converted inline skates, which became a bit looser as they broke down.
I have been skating with the Superfeet insoles for a couple months now, and so far they seem about as durable as any stock insole.
Id like to start by saying i check this website often and when i saw a superfeet article i was really in awe. The best way to do this is to take out the old footbed, trace an outline onto the Superfeet with a pen, and cut off the excess material. I find I’m generally a pretty fast skater, but with the addition of Superfeet, it feels like more leg power is being used in my stride than with the stock insoles. As implied, the benefit of the Superfeet insoles would be that they help keep your feet and ankles supported in the proper anatomical position. Read on for our thoughts and experiences, and leave a comment for us if you’ve used Superfeet and want to share your experiences.

After trimming, slide the Superfeet insole back into your skate the same way you would with a stock insole. However, if the boot is already too narrow for your foot, I don’t think Superfeet will have a positive impact on fit.
The biggest bonus for me though, and the reason I’ll continue to use Superfeet, is due to the reduced knee pain following games.
Baking them with superfeet in would help them mold to the shape of your foot with the increased support. You can currently purchase yellow Superfeet for your skates at Inline Warehouse for $35.95.
The addition of Superfeet increased this tightness slightly, and caused additional uncomfortableness. Since switching to the Superfeet insoles, I can now make sharper and faster cuts, turns, and even stops.

We were later linked to his review on Superfeet to read all about his experiences, and the curiosity only grew. While even the best skaters will lose an edge sometimes, using Superfeet has definitely decreased the frequency of the problem for me.
My recommendation would be to simply buy an additional pair of Superfeet for each pair of skates if you run into an issue like this.

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