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Superfeet Trim to Fit REDhot Outlast Insoles have been specifically designed to fit the unique shape of men's feet and winter footwear. Superfeet Trim to Fit REDhot Outlast Insoles feature Rebound full-length foam for maximum forefoot flex and the patented stabiliser cap gives the rear foot stability and alignment. The Encapsulating Stabiliser System used in the Superfeet Trim to Fit REDhot Outlast Insoles ensures that your feet stay comfortable and painless wear after wear. Superfeet Trim to Fit REDhot Outlast Insoles feature Agion anti-microbial top cover treatment to reduce bacteria and help prevent foot odour. Check the Superfeet sizing chart and select the letter you feel is the closest to your shoe size.

If you have ever seen the insoles that are included with ski and snowboard boots, you know there in not much to them. After adjusting to the new feeling and starting to forget that you have the insoles in, you really start to appreciate them under foot. One issue we noticed after a long trek in boots with the insoles, a hot spot arose under the arch of my feet. If you are looking for some added support, and happier feet, Superfeet are worth a try before trying a new set of boots. Next is get in the smallest boot that is bearable with the help of a foot-bed or insole like Superfeet.  Best of all go to a shop that specializes in boot fitting and they will get you all dialed out.

These insoles provide the support, shock absorption and edge control needed to tear up the slopes. We have found Remind and Montrail and Shred Soles to have distinctive advantages over the Superfeet line. The biggest issue we have with the Superfeet is the lack of heel cushioning and inability to heat mold these to your feet.

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