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Every pair trail running shoes, hiking boots, or backpacking boots will include the manufacturers’ insoles, which generally are low quality and offer limited support. If you spend a lot of time running, hiking, or backpacking, I highly recommend you invest in a pair of Superfeet or other enhanced insoles.

I first bought a pair of Superfeet when I bought a new pair of running shoes at a specialty shop a few years ago. They are pricey, but my pair has lasted for well over a year, and I wear them all the time in my trail running shoes, hiking boots, and backpacking boots.
2x superfeet green expertly fitted by Cotswolds (cheers guys) and my boots are now king of the hill again – comfortable to wear and no knee pain after hiking!

I had just started hiking and was almost going to give it up due to foot pain until I tried Superfeet.

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