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The Superfeet GREEN is the most popular insole in the Superfeet range and has been on the market for over 30 years. Agion®We treat the top covers of all our Trim-to-Fit Premium Insoles with Agion antimicrobial technology. Encapsulating Stabilizer System [ESS]®Superfeet Green features a unique stabilizer cap for optimal underfoot support. Remove the Superfeet Insoles from your shoes every night to let the shoes and Superfeet Insoles air out. We do not recommend that you place a Superfeet on top of the manufacturer's sock liner (insole).
If the Superfeet insoles are new and make a squeaking sound, there could be a number of causes. Place the original insole over the top of your new Superfeet insole, lining up both the heel (Fig.

It is designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole and is the recommended choice for those seeking maximum support and shock absorption. If you are not satisfied with your new insoles, return them within 60 days to your place of purchase for a credit or refund. This guarantee is only valid with a proof of purchase, and is not good for misused, abused or improperly cleaned Superfeet product. FOUNDATION’s resilience and strength optimizes the performance of all our Trim-to-Fit Premium Insoles. Agion adds continuous cleanliness to our Premium Insoles - creating a clean, comfortable combination. You may place the Superfeet in these shoes as long as it doesn't make the fit of the shoe too tight against your foot. If after this time the squeak is still there, apply some baby powder inside the shoes under the insoles and apply some baby powder on the bottom of the plastic Superfeet cap.

If the feeling does not dissipate and become more comfortable, contact the Superfeet dealer where you purchased the product or call customer care to help you determine if you have purchased the correct size for your foot and the correct model for the shoe style and your foot type. If you trim the Superfeet insole too long for the shoe, it will jam the Superfeet in the shoe and give you the feeling that the arch is too far back. You may want to trim the front end of the Superfeet insole so that the product can move in the shoe from front to back, about the thickness of a nickel.
The Superfeet product will center itself underneath the foot, increasing comfort and function.

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