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Superfeet for collapsing arches,super moleskin plus,painful corns under foot - PDF Review

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Luckily, with three days of rest, and holding the leg in the freezing cold outflow from a pipe in a mountain stream for five minutes in every fifteen, it healed enough to allow me to hobble on. I wore them for five days and they were very comfortable, collapsing left-arch issues aside.
As I wear the Five Fingers more I expect that the arch will strengthen and cease collapsing. Well, along with wearing the inov8 Terrocs they certainly seem to have improved the arches in my feet dramatically. However, there is the obvious danger as described in detail on this post regarding short-term injuries until your arches get back to normal strength.
I’d worn the Five Fingers for five of the previous days but had stopped using them a few days before as I realised I was bruising my insole. So as I took a step and my left foot happened to land with a small stone under the arch, I would initially feel nothing (the stone fitting into the arch).
Importantly, my right foot was fine and LB’s feet were fine whilst she continued to swap between hers and the Terrocs (wearing the Five Fingers for around 30 percent of the trip in total). But there was a real gotcha that I came across whilst on the GR5 which put the whole trip in jeopardy for a few days. When I was re-assessed by a Superfeet Fitter last year (many years of trail-shoes and some time in Terrocs) I found my feet were hardly collapsing at all.

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