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The same premiership team roster is in use for Super Sports Heads with you being able to pick from the latest teams in the premiership of course including Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United. The ball moves at a lightning speed compared to other editions, you have to be careful not to kick or head it for a rebound at your own goal. It will also give you more chance to lob your opponent whether that be through a header or a kick of the ball.
If the clock is ticking down, your winning and in possession, keep the ball next to you, don't kick it or try to head it for another goal, your opponent will probably be dumb enough to stay in his goal even though he's loosing.
A hugely successful flash game series that has spawned many a game is the Sports Head series. Super Sports Heads Football is the latest installment to the fun-addicting physics-based soccer game.

The crowd is also easily heard giving you a feeling that someone is actually watching you this time and it's not just an empty 8 bit screen with two random ugly looking heads playing soccer. Defending the goal will mean your not as easily open to own goals from the football rebounding off the back of your head! These obstacles will vary and will obstruct your ability to head and kick clearly into the sky. Your soccer head should travel around so you get the sense you are actually a premiership team and not playing sunday league on the same pitch over and over again. Starting off simple this could be that some players have better kicking ability and others better heading ability. LambertAugust 5, 2015 at 6:14 AMNewspaper articles covering the decision noted an appeal by the Isotopes and the City of Albuquerque to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

But I recommend you try to stay clear of them and head and kick lower towards your opponents goal. Super Sports Heads Football was made in Unity this time around and it seems to run a tad better than before but overall I would say that it is pretty similar and still worth the play.

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