A mucocoele is a mucus-filled gallbladder, which arises when the neck of the gallbladder becomes obstructed, normally by impaction of a stone. Surprisingly it wasn’t that distended because maybe of the thickened gallbladder wall. People over the years have tried many ways to treat gallbladder stones but surgery has till date seem to be the best option available.

Mucous like fluid within the gallbladder with multiple small black pigment stones within it.
Laparoscopically, one can remove a distended gallbladder (if difficult) by aspirating the fluid within the gallbladder first before removal. There are many who carry gallstones in their gallbladder but are asymptomatic but surgery is only offered usually to those with symptoms.

There is evidence of chronicity with central fibrosis causing the gallbladder to have an contracted hour-glass shape and also the thickened wall.

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