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A Step forward, LLC, is a premier Orthotic and Prosthetic company opened in May, 2006 by Megan McCarthy CO, LO. We are proud to announce that A Step Forward has been accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC).
We pride ourselves on working within multidisciplinary teams to determine the best possible treatment options available. For spinal control and support and scoliosis treatment we fabricate lumbar saccral orthoses (LSOs), thoraco-lumbar saccral orthoses (TLSOs) and cervical thorasic lumbar saccral orthoses (CTLSO). Our mission at A Step Forward, LLC is to simply provide excellent quality orthotic and prosthetic services to all of our patients. A Step Forward, LLC is proud to be affiliated with the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

A Step Forward, LLC works closely with Children's Rehabilitation and Development Center (CDRC) at OHSU. He is a registered orthotic and prosthetic technician (RTPO) and a certified  Orthotic Assistant (COA).
We provide an introduction to pediatric orthotic applications to licensed physical therapy fellows and doctorial physical therapy students from Pacific University. He has worked in the orthotic and prosthetic field since 1997 and has lived in the Portland area since 2000.
We strongly believe in the sharing of ideas and the improved treatment outcomes experienced through a multidisciplinary team approach. Mike has worked at Shriner's Hospital in Portland and in Salt Lake City, and is an expert on pediatric orthotic and prosthetic device fabrication.

Megan has focused her orthotic practice on pediatric, spinal (specifically scoliosis), and neuromuscular disorders.
She is also well trained in podiatric, functional foot orthotic assessment and fabrication.

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