Light and airey absorbent terry towel cloth insole with trevira bioactive silver integrated for effective odour stop. Please note that the full-length models (Footlogics Comfort, Sports and Sensi) can all be trimmed to size with normal scissors at the toe end, in case the insoles are too long or wide for your shoes. Dear Footlogics Team, I would just like to express my gratitude and a big thank you to the Footlogics team As a professional triathlete who races State and Ironman distance, you would not believe the trouble I have been experiencing with finding the ‘dream sports orthotic’.

The patented, unique products were developed by an Australian podiatrist and awarded a Silver Medal at the 21st Exhibition of Inventions (Medical Division), held in Geneva, Switzerland.
In many cases this won't be necessary and the insole should fit perfectly into your footwear, without any trimming.
I have been to the best and most expensive sports podiatrists in WA and they just can’t seem to get it right, I always end up with huge heel and arch blisters, which is not a barrel of fun when racing ironman distance I have purchased your sports orthotics before but I didn’t give them a really good after 18 disastrous months spent dealing with podiatrists, I tried the Footlogics orthotics again WOW!

I love them and I’m completely sold, I have now found my ‘dream orthotic’ and plan to throw all my very expensive custom made sports orthotics in the rubbish bin!

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