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If you are looking for some simple and indoor solutions for your sore heels then here are some simple home remedies for that, but before that let me tell you that if you getting sore heels very often or you think that there is something serious going on with your heel then you need to get a appointment with your surgery as soon as possible cause it might be something else and you might need some medical help for that too and now here are some home remedies for you to deal with your sore heels. First of all you need to understand what are the main reason of sore heel, either you are using your feet too much, you are overweight or you are using bad or ill fitted shoes, and whatever the reason, I bet you can handle that and can prevent bad and sore heels and can save yourself from the horrible pains and sad moments. Apple cider vinegar is another great thing for beautiful and comfortable heels, and you can use a heel-shaped paper piece soaked in apple cider vinegar and you just need to use it for 4—5 days regularly and that will actually help your feet and your heels and if you are experiencing some horrible pains then you can mix it with molasses and baking soda and that can help you instantly.

Cabbage is great for sore heels and you can use this green leaf cabbage for that and you just need to wrapped it around the heels and get some rest and you will see that it will help you within a night. Alfalfa tea can be good for your sore heels and you can use it for healthy and running system and metabolism.

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