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With a vast selection of Scholl Footcare products available, we decided to dedicate this week’s consultancy room to every girl’s best friend, the Party Feet collection.
Scholl soft Touch Gel Cushions provide discreet cushioning to help prevent the burning pain in the balls of your feet, ideal for closed shoes. Scholl Sore Spots are perfect for cushioning and protecting sensitive areas from rubbing shoes.
Reduce pain and discomfort on the balls of your feet by wearing the Gel Metatarsal Pads.
These Clear Gel Metatarsal Pads will protect the ball of your foot when walking, standing or running.

Heeled shoes in particular can dramatically change the angle of the foot, focusing more pressure on the heel and ball. Unfortunately though, for the price of fashion our feet are put under this added pressure.
The invisible ultra slim cushions help prevent burning pain in the balls of your feet, perfect for a night out on the tiles!
We think Scholl Party Feet are the perfect counter seller, especially on the build-up to the party season! That was until Scholl created the Party Feet collection, to help ease that pressure and offer long-lasting, optimal comfort. Plus, check out the recent advertising campaign for Scholl Party Feet… very creative!

This is frustrating news for our feet as many conditions go untreated, when they could often be easily cured or cared for. That’s why in 1904 Dr William Mathias Scholl set out on his quest to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet.

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