Barre classes first came about in a big way in the 1950's on account of ballerina Lotte Berk. I thought I'd share with you what I've got on my desk today: the March issue of People Style Watch Magazine and my new favorite toy, a Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar with a fruit infuser lid! I've been running long distances since highschool and to this day I'm still discovering new tricks for a smoother run.

Two ewes and a lamb go running to the side.Here, Pete!The dog dashes quickly across a little hill, the bright drops sparkling on his black coat as he passes the sheep and turns them. After much hard running the flock is finally under control, but a bunch of lambs has become separated in the confusion, and after circling helplessly, stampedes in wild disorder.
While the master separates the sheep, let us sit on this sunny hillside and watch the collies as they circle round the running lambs.

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