New for 2007: DeeLuxe produced the Track line of boots, which have real buckles instead of the zip-tie plastic buckles. If you need to heat-mold Thermoflex liners, you can either get a bootfitter to do it, or try doing it yourself - see the bootfitting section. Some Raichle boots do not come with a top power strap, which means the stiffness can be significantly increased with a booster strap. Several carvers have experienced major hassles and delays trying to replace broken Head Stratos Pro boots under warranty. With Head boots, the heels are held using inferior inserts (the ones shown on the left), because the inserts have no spikes. The UPZ boot has a lean mechanism with springs for both forward flex and reverse flex, which is able to provide a reasonably constant flex over a large span of lean positions.
Later models of UPZ boots have no toe pads at all, which can sometimes cause you to slip when walking through the parking lot.
However, the buckles are nice in that they have the micro-adjustment, like the Head and Burton boots.

The tongue on the Burton liners is a separate piece, as opposed to the wrap-around, overlapping tongues of other boot models.
For more leverage, you can place the boot on a table, with the cover side down, and exert downward force while you close the buckle.
To begin with, all Head boots sell out by January, and Head does not keep extra boots around for warranty replacements. The inserts resemble oblong barrels, which sit in recessed oblong holes in the boot plastic.
The boots are available as the Track 325 and Track 225, which reverts back to the old Raichle numbering system. So if you break the boots in February, there are no replacements; you have to wait for the next production run in December (that is, if Head decides to continue production).
As you might imagine, it doesn't take a lot of force to cause those inserts to wear down the plastic and start spinning. In order to get the Track buckles to fit on older Raichle boots, you need to follow instructions from Starikashka.

In a typical (and worst-case) scenario, you will be unable to tighten the heel bolts, because the inserts will start to spin before you can get the bolts sufficiently tight.
Some carvers have replaced all 4 buckles on older Raichle boots with the new Track buckles. Yet, when you try to unscrew the heel bolts, the insert has enough friction with the bolt to spin with the bolt as you try to unscrew it. In order to unscrew the bolt, you need to press a left-hand screw extractor into the insert from the inside of the boot, then unscrew the bolt from the outside. Then, knock out the inserts and put in new ones with retaining spikes (shown the the right).

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