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Therapeutic or orthopedic shoes may be used as an alternative to insoles.  They can provide many of the same benefits. Diabetics and others with sensitive feet—Arch Crafters custom-fit insoles relieve pain in the heels, knees and back by eliminating pressure points on the bottom of the feet.  A foam box is used to create a cast of your feet at home, so there is no need to see a podiatrist. Custom orthotics may also be beneficial for arch, ball of foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip or back pain.  Healthy pain-free feet provide the right foundation for a healthy pain-free lower body. Orthotics are used to reduce pain, redistribute pressure and to prevent problems with our feet.
Because most golf shoes are manufactured more like a dress shoe without any extra depth added, orthotics for golf shoes must be thin and narrow yet provide maximum support and control.
Product Description:Wearing foot orthotics allows your body to function at your neutral position and it is in this position that the function of the feet and legs is optimal. Custom made orthotics are used to reduce pain, provide support, remove pressure and stress from painful areas, proper proper alignment, restore balance, improve sports performance, alleviate hip, knee and back pain, and improve overall function of the foot.
Our Women's Dress orthotic is a low profile orthotic for persons needing support and shock reduction.
Our Daily custom made orthotic is a durable, accommodative orthotic for persons needing support and shock reduction. The 2.0 mm subortholene shell is a thin light weight material that supports the foot with gentle forgiveness. At Orleans Integrative Medicine, every patient receives a biomechanical analysis before being casted for custom orthotics.
The fact is, shoe manufacturers sell shoes based on comfort not necessarily performance, and because of this, many people find custom orthotics vastly superior to their everyday shoe insoles. If you are planning on using extended health benefits to purchase custom orthotics at OIM, please let us know if you require a medical prescription prior to booking your appointment. Orthotics can be very helpful in correcting biomechanical imbalances of the foot and ankle, such as excessive pronation or excessive supination. Wear the orthotic between the hosiery or sock and foot to keep orthotic in proper position.

Remove the shoe’s insoles and cut out the parts that may be interfering in the proper positioning of the orthotic or replace insole with flat cushioning insole. It is very important that people know that they don’t have to live with painful foot conditions, help is available. Orthotics are also used to restore natural foot function and to cure conditions such as flat feet. This only helps us determine what length to make the topcover so that it best fits in your shoes. The 3.0mm subortholene "shell" of the orthotic is semi-flexible and designed for people needing more shock absorption. Our Daily Orthotic is designed to fit in your current athletic shoes when you remove the standard insert. This is a full length orthotic designed for people who walk for exercise - fast, power walking or slow and steady or who are on their feet for most of the day for work.
This is done to ensure that the custom orthotics produce the correct alignment –  not only of the foot, but of the knee, hip and spine as well. With that said, many people do not need custom orthotics and would benefit from other forms of treatment or exercises.
Over time, abnormal foot motions cause stresses that can lead to conditions such as Achilles tendinitis, bunions, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain), post-tib tendinitis, shin splints, as well as knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain.
As most golfers know, graphite is very thin and very light so although there is no extra weight added to your golf shoes with the addition of this custom orthotic, the graphite material used in the “shell” of the orthotic provides maximum support and control of the foot. We make CUSTOM foot orthotics from an impression of your feet so we will ascertain the size of your feet from our mold. You will not have to buy a new pair of shoes to accommodate your custom made foot orthotics. When you place your order you will be sent an impression kit that will allow you to take an impression of your feet. The high density EVA used for the rearfoot post will control the foot and the low density EVA used in the arch will provide shock absorption and prevent heel and arch pain.

No ugly shoes and no new shoes - unless you want to buy new shoes of course but you won't have to just so you can wear your new custom made orthotics.
With an intrinsic rear foot post, you will have rear foot stabilization and your golf shoes can easily accommodate a custom orthotic. The metatarsal heads are resting on the ground and the plane of the metatarsal heads (ball of the foot) is perpendicular to the long axis of the calcaneus .During gait, the foot must be in neutral position just prior to the time that the heel leaves the ground. If you purchase two or more pairs of orthotics at the same time, you qualify for a 25% discount.
Custom foot orthotics help put you in your neutral position thus helping to eliminate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. You will not have to buy new, special shoes in order to wear your custom made foot orthotics.
Once you receive your custom orthotics (2-3 weeks after we receive your impression box back at our facility), pleasefollow the Wearing Instructions that will accompany your new custom orthotics. You will need to remove your shoes' insert or lining and you might need to trim with scissors the topcover of the orthotic if it is too long to fit inside your athletic shoes but that is it! Once you receive your custom orthotics (2-3 weeks after we receive your impression box back at our facility), please follow the Wearing Instructions that will accompany your new custom orthotics.
Again, foot orthotics will help equalize the weight load, put your body into neutral position and rest the muscles on which you are placing extra stress. A study found that “the use of the custom-fit, flexible orthotics in this study had a positive influence on CHV (club head velocity) in experienced golfers.” Other studies have demonstrated that orthotics can have positive impact on shot accuracy, golf swing and balance. While we can’t promise you will shoot a 67, we can promise that wearing custom foot orthotics will make your feet feel better and improve your golf game overall – including your swing.

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