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Custom orthotics are supplied at Advanced Sports Chiropractic which can assist our patients foot, arch, or heel pain. Many of our patients now wear the most advanced orthotics to help prevent issues with their feet or low back. Orthotics supplied by our Sydney chiropractor are used by runners, soccer and football players and also by basketball and netball players. If you have sore feet or have uneven wear on the sole of your shoes, it usually is a good indication that orthotics may be required.

Causes of plantar fasciitis include incorrect footwear for a particular activity or poorly designed shoes. Orthotics are not a miracle cure, but used in conjunction with other pain management treatments. The orthotics are also comfortably worn in womens ballet type shoes and in mens business shoes, as well as in school shoes. Our Sydney chiropractor provides a full examination of the feet including a computer scan, visual analysis of gait, and muscle or joint testing.

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