Designed to correct foot function and restore your normal arch and body alignment, orthotics are prescribed by your podiatrist and tailored to treat your specific needs. Our team of highly qualified podiatrists in Melbourne can prescribe pre-fabricated and custom-made orthotics to effectively treat your problem.
Orthotics can benefit anyone who experiences pain from prolonged walking, running or standing. Our team of podiatrists at our foot clinic in Melbourne are also well-known children’s podiatrists and sports podiatrists specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of biomechanical issues and injuries that can cause problems in the lower legs.

Discreetly placed into your footwear, custom-made orthotics can be manufactured in a range of materials and thicknesses to give you a comfortable, effective treatment that suits any foot and style of footwear. Whether it’s a cushioning or pressure relief orthotic or an orthotic to provide biomechanical support and alignment, the podiatrists in our foot clinic in Melbourne can tailor prescription to suit your needs.
Children, adults and seniors can improve their foot function and posture with these devices after a thorough consultation of your gait by one of our podiatrists in our foot clinic in Melbourne. All of our podiatrists are university trained in orthotic therapy and provide a thorough service from gait analysis and biomechanical assessment to prescription and manufacture of custom-made orthotics.

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