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Contoured around heel and arch to achieve 100% foot contact, the insoles can be trimmed in the forefoot for optimal fit inside casual, dress, or athletic shoes without impeding daily activities. The only thing we value more than our reputation for quality products and outstanding service is your complete satisfaction. I'd finally, sadly, settled on wearing the same pair of ugly shoes every day because, for some reason, they alleviated my symptoms (even though they were just $15 cheap running shoes from a discount store).Well, I stumbled across these insoles, did some research, and decided to try them out.

I immediately put them in the most painful pair of shoes I have to put them to a serious test. I'm not kidding when I say that I knew within 5 minutes of walking around that these insoles work perfectly. These shoes were ones that I couldn't walk around in for even a couple minutes without feeling pain. And just to be absolutely sure, I wore these previously painful shoes for a full two days of commuting and walking -- the insoles worked perfectly.So, I don't know how these work, but they do -- at least for me.

But I can feel that these insoles slightly angle my feet up (on the inside heel), so I guess it's true.The only thing I'd add, which might seem obvious, is that they will feel weird at first if you're not used to orthotic insoles.

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